Turf Supervisor

  • Full Time
  • Roswell, GA
  • $ 23.58/hr. - $30.64/hr. DOE

  • Responsible for creating and executing a comprehensive maintenance plan for 43 acres of sports fields and grounds in the city.
  • Advanced understanding of best practices in pest management, cultural practices, irrigation system management, and turfgrass nutrition.
  • Knowledge of common industry standards for natural grass and artificial turf safety.
    • This position is expected to lead the City of Roswell in developing our standards and specifications for multiple types of playing surfaces.
  • Ability to communicate with and oversee contractors and vendors to complete work and projects outside the scope of Turf Crew’s capabilities.
  • Responsible for training staff from the Park’s Division regarding maintenance of athletic fields.
  • Inventories and evaluates athletic fields within parks, municipal grounds, and artificial turf for the City of Roswell.
  • Will assist in transporting equipment from turf shop to various parks throughout the city for completion of daily tasks / projects.
  • Directs, supervises and assists in best practices for maintenance of city sports fields and grounds.
  • Determines and makes suggestions to staff regarding appropriate tools for maintenance of sports fields and grounds.

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