Assistant Sports Field Manager

Position Summary:
Position provides maintenance for all athletic fields and surrounding areas.

Minimum Qualifications:
To be considered for this position, candidates must demonstrate in the application materials:

  • Two years of experience maintaining sports fields.

The following may substitute for the minimum qualifications of this position:

  • At the agency’s discretion, a degree in Turfgrass Management or a related field can be substituted for one year of experience.

Preferred Qualifications:
The highly desired candidate will possess the following knowledge, skills, abilities, personal characteristics, and experience directly related and critical to this position:

  • Associate’s Degree or higher in Turf Management or closely related field
  • Experience with a NCAA division I or professional sports team
  • Sports Field Management Association member
  • Experience with baseball/softball infields and pitching clay
  • Knowledge of irrigation systems and repairs
  • Familiar with the maintenance of turf equipment

Essential Job Duties:

  • Sports Field Maintenance and Support
    Performs routine and non-routine maintenance of all sports surfaces including natural and synthetic turf, infield dirt, and track surfaces. Monitors, schedules, and repairs irrigation system. Calculates amount of fertilizer needed and applies to fields. Measures and paints athletic fields. Operates turf equipment including reel and rotary mowers, bunker rakes, tractors, aerators, rollers, seeders, etc. Identifies problem areas and recommends/implements appropriate actions to resolve. Coordinates with coaches and administrators. Provides support for athletic events.
  • Turfgrass and landscape maintenance
    Assist with maintenance of turfgrass, shrubs, trees, and other plant materials. Identifies disease, insects, and other plant issues. Mixes and applies pesticides. Prunes and mulches trees and shrubs. Performs landscape and facility clean up.
  • Snow Removal
    Performs campus and athletic field snow removal using truck, tractor, and utility vehicle mounted brooms and plows, snow blowers, and hand shoveling.
  • Work Leader
    Serve as a work leader over student workers. Hire and train new employees. Plan, coordinate, and assign work activities. Establish work standards and monitor progress, timeliness, and accuracy of work. Ensure compliance with Facilities Management policies and procedures, including use of personal protective equipment and safe operation of all equipment for all employees.
  • Equipment Maintenance
    Performs routine maintenance and repair of all equipment. Monitors equipment for potential problems.

To apply for this job please visit jobs.colostate.edu.