Assistant Turf Manager

Brief Description:

Assist Director of Turf and Grounds in the planning and execution of the turf grass management program at Empower Field at Mile High.

Essential Duties:

Assist in the planning and execution of all maintenance practices to ensure high-quality conditions exist for all on-field events by:

  • Inspecting the field regularly and recommending adjustments of turf management procedures to provide consistent high-quality turf conditions throughout the year for all uses
  • Assisting in planning of the turf and landscape budgets.
  • Communicating regularly with department management and staff to provide updates of issues or concerns which may be present with agronomic systems (SubAir, soil heat, irrigation, growth lights) and provide recommendations for corrective actions.
  • Assisting with planning of turf maintenance, training, and supervision of all seasonal staff to accommodate day-to-day turf operations and the building’s event schedule.
  • Assisting with daily stadium irrigation programming and monitoring while balancing field appearance and water conservation.
  • Assisting in the planning and execution of all snow removal and tarp installation/strike on the field based on best practices and event needs

Operate and maintain turf maintenance equipment to ensure a high-quality playing surface by:

  • Maintaining all owned and all in-kind trade equipment according to manufacturer’s recommendations to maximize lifespan and safety.
  • Operating turf maintenance equipment (mowers, tractors, aerators, utility vehicles, etc.) to maintain stadium field.
  • Training and overseeing stadium turf staff on all equipment operation.
  • Assisting with inventory management, including ordering parts and/or supplies needed for repairs and/or maintenance practices.
  • Assisting in maintaining fertilizer and pesticide application logs, calibrating all application equipment (spreaders, boom sprayers, topdresser) to achieve target application rate.

Maintain stadium landscape to ensure a high-quality appearance by:

  • Working with the Director of Turf and Grounds and landscape contractor to maintain the stadium landscape.
  • Programing and monitoring exterior landscape irrigation systems to meet plant needs and events schedule.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Approved accredited Associate degree or higher in Agronomy, Turf grass management or equivalent
  • 4+ years of experience in sports turf/golf course/landscape maintenance
  • 1-3+ years of experience in professional/collegiate natural grass field management

To apply for this job please visit us232.dayforcehcm.com.