Synthetic Turf

SFMA aims to provide you with unbiased information and research to help you make an informed decision about synthetic turf sports fields.

SAFE Video - Playing Surface Inspection: Synthetic Turf Fields

  • Synthetic Turf Research – Penn State University
  • Evaluation of Playing Surface Characteristics of Various In-filled Systems – Penn State University
  • EPA and CDC/ASTDR have released the Final Report, Part 1 – Tire Crumb Characterization of Synthetic Turf Field Recycled Tire Crumb Rubber Research Under the Federal Research Action Plan.  The report presents findings from the tire crumb rubber characterization research activities conducted by the two agencies. The report includes FRAP introductory information, summary of research activities, key findings, and next steps.  Access Tire Crumb Rubber Characterization Volume 1 hereAccess Tire Crumb Rubber Characterization Appendices Volume 2 hereAccess the EPA’s website here.
  • The Synthetic Turf Scientific Advisory Panel is a group of expert scientists convened by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) to provide scientific advice on its Synthetic Turf Study.  The goal of the study is to assess the potential health impacts associated with the use of synthetic turf and playground mats made of crumb rubber.  The panel has held three previous meetings to advise OEHHA on study plans, data interpretation, and reporting of study results. The fourth Synthetic Turf Scientific Advisory Panel Meeting (SAP) presentations, video, transcript, and public comments have been compiled and are now available HERE.