A-LIST appoints Munshaw as Research Committee chair

The Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf (A-LIST) is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Gregg Munshaw to the position of Research Committee Chair. The Research Committee Chair is a critical position within the A-LIST and is charged with managing all research-related activities within the organization. In addition to leading the A-LIST research committee (a combined industry/university policy group of researchers and breeders), Dr. Munshaw will be responsible for working with university cooperators to manage trials, promoting the program and it’s benefits through outreach opportunities and ensuring a continued commitment to transparency and integrity at the A-LIST. This appointment is in addition to the critical work Dr. Munshaw continues to undertake at the University of Kentucky.

Dr. Munshaw has 25 years of direct turfgrass experience,
having worked on golf courses, athletic fields, and in teaching, research, and
extension positions at Mississippi State University and the University of
Kentucky. His research and extension programs align closely with the A-LIST’s
mission of reducing inputs while providing quality turf.

A native of western Canada, Dr. Munshaw earned his doctorate
in turfgrass physiology from Virginia Tech. He also holds Bachelor’s and
Master’s degrees in turfgrass science from the University of Kentucky. Dr.
Munshaw is excited about working with the A-LIST as he believes sustainable
turfgrass varieties are a key component of the future of turfgrass management.

Dr. Leah Brilman, Research Committee member and Director of
Product Management and Technical Services for DLF Pickseed/Seed Research of
Oregon said, “Dr. Munshaw, as leader of the Research Committee, will help
insure an unbiased analysis of data in determining cultivars with reduced input
characteristics.” “We are very excited to have Dr. Munshaw in such a pivotal
role with the A-LIST,” said Executive Director, Jeremy Husen. “The A-LIST is a
research centered organization and Dr. Munshaw will help sharpen our focus in
this area.”