Coming Fall of 2024: SFMA Turfgrass Science Certification

The Sports Field Management Association is excited to introduce the SFMA Turfgrass Science Certification, launching in the Fall of 2024. This entry-level certification is designed to equip individuals with the skills needed for a career in sports field management, catering to learners at all stages of their education and career.

This certification validates essential knowledge and skills for managing athletic surfaces at schools, parks, golf courses, colleges, universities and professional sports venues. With an estimated 300,000 to 750,000 sports fields in the United States, demand for trained professionals is high. Certified individuals are well prepared for various roles, making them highly qualified candidates in this specialized field.

The certification exam, administered on the iCEV platform, consists of 100 questions covering:

  • Benefits of Turfgrass: 5%
  • Turfgrass Anatomy, Identification, and Adaptations: 20%
  • Turfgrass Environment: 25%
  • Turfgrass Cultural Practices: 30%
  • Playing Surface Preparation: 20%

With a shortage of trained workers, this certification helps validate skills and create a pool of qualified candidates. SFMA works with various sectors to ensure the development of a knowledgeable workforce dedicated to maintaining safe, playable surfaces.

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