Do you need a political expression policy at work?

Grayson Kemper, senior content developer and marketer, Clutch, writes that political expression policies outline acceptable political discussion and create a more comfortable work environment for employees.

“Most employees, though,
haven’t experienced discomfort or discrimination at work because of their
political views, according to our findings. Still, political expression
policies can help avoid a hostile workplace and provide legal protection for
companies by ensuring that they comply with labor and employment laws. 

expression in the workplace, like conversations, campaign materials, or
provocative clothing, can foster uncomfortable dynamics and even hostility
among colleagues.

“To avoid a
hostile work environment, companies can implement a political expression policy
that outlines the political expressions and discussions that are acceptable at

Clutch surveyed 500 full-time employees to understand their experiences with and attitudes about political expression in the workplace and to determine how political expression contributes to a hostile workplace.

“We found
that most employees have not recently felt uncomfortable or discriminated
against because of their political views in the workplace, signaling that
political expression may not contribute strongly to a hostile workplace.”