Focus on the future with Smart Irrigation Month

Each year, the Irrigation Association (IA) shines a spotlight on the benefits of efficient irrigation through Smart Irrigation Month celebrated throughout July. This initiative provides the perfect opportunity for irrigation professionals to boast about the benefits of effective irrigation and share how they promote smart irrigation practices.

In 2022, the Smart Irrigation Month theme is “Proud of our past. Focused on our future.” IA is providing the perfect opportunity to show what efficient water use means to you. Share your story and celebrate what you do to promote smart irrigation practices by answering six short questions. Submit now.

Some of these stories will be shared on the IA’s social media and in its magazine publications throughout the month of July.

Join IA as it kicks off the month by wearing blue on Technology Tuesday held July 5. Post photos of you and your team wearing blue on your own social media accounts and use #smartirrigationmonth to join our blue wave. Visit the IA website for downloadable resources, tools and education materials to use as you promote Smart Irrigation Month with your customers and the community.

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