Scholarships and Grants Applications are Open!

Scholarships and grant applications now open! Click the links below to apply.

SAFE scholarships include: The Dr. James Watson (sponsored by The Toro Co.), these include scholarships for students in Graduate, Four-year, and Two-year programs, and the Dr. Fred Grau, funded by The SAFE Foundation for the top two-year student. Additional SAFE Scholarships may also be awarded. For this year, scholarships will start at $3,000.

The Paul Zwaska Scholarship, presented by Beacon Athletics, promotes diversity within the profession through an annual scholarship program for students from groups underrepresented in SFMA. The scholarship award recognizes and encourages full-time students pursuing a career in the Sports Field Management profession.

The Darian Daily Legacy Scholarship is awarded each year to up to (2) qualified individuals. For this year, the dollar amount has been increased to $3,000.

Leo Goertz Membership Grant

The Leo Goertz Membership Grant, funded by Pioneer Athletics and awards two-year memberships for new members in the SFMA. It honors Leo Goertz’s commitment to the sports turf industry and supports sports field managers who haven’t been SFMA members for at least five years.

Gary Vanden Berg Internship Grant

The Gary Vanden Berg Internship Grant, established by the SAFE Foundation, awards $1,000 to an SFMA Student Member to offset internship costs, honoring Gary Vanden Berg’s dedication to promoting internships in the sports turf industry.

Terry Mellor Continuing Education Grant

Sponsored by Turface Athletics, the Terry Mellor Continuing Education Grant awards $1,000 to an SFMA member for conference attendance, recognizing Terry Mellor’s legacy.

The deadline for all Scholarship / Grant applications is Oct. 15.