Sod Solutions Professionals welcomes Craig Potts

After 27 years spearheading turfgrass operations for Texas A&M Athletics, Craig Potts has joined Sod Solutions Professionals as project manager. In his role, Potts will visit facilities and sod farms helping manage the selection of turfgrass, meet with groundskeepers and contractors for upcoming projects and use his experience to make suggestions for a successful project or field.

Craig Potts

“It is very exciting to welcome Craig to our Sod Solutions Professionals team,” said Erin Wilder, director of Sod Solutions Professionals. “I have known Craig for over 15 years and see the respect he has within the industry and the impact he continues to make. His extensive knowledge in sports field maintenance and construction makes him the perfect addition to our team. We are lucky to have Craig.”

Potts started at Texas A&M as assistant athletic fields manager in 1996. After 20 years, he was promoted to director of sports fields in the spring of 2016. In this role, he managed numerous sports facilities, working hard to keep fields in pristine conditions.

Potts, who still loves the management of turfgrass said that he felt like it was time to step down from the full-time schedule of college athletics so he could spend more time with his wife and three daughters.

“I am excited to take this position because I think it’s a perfect time for me and the stage in my career. I feel like all my years of experience can add some value to what Sod Solutions Professionals is doing,” he said.

Potts looks forward to guiding and suggesting projects using his experience with intersprigging, as well as offering maintenance plans he’s created for certain grasses he worked with at Texas A&M.

“I can communicate with the groundskeeper mainly because I’ve been there and done that. I know what situations they’re in and all the pressures and demands that are on them to have a perfect field or golf course year-round. A field manager wants to talk to someone who has had to do it.”

Potts attributed his good relationship with Sod Solutions over the years to his decision in taking this position. “I think very highly of the people in this company and have worked closely with many of them for a long time, so that helped a lot. Sod Solutions has always been supportive of the Texas Turfgrass Association (TTA), the SEC Groundskeeper and the Sports Field Management Association (SFMA). I’ve always admired that,” he said.

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