Turfgrass Rundown – Characteristics of Herbicides for Turf, Ornamental Landscapes, and Aquatics

The 3rd edition of Characteristics of Herbicides for Turf, Ornamental Landscapes, and Aquatics by Dr. L.B. McCarty, Dr. M. Cutulle, and Adam Gore, is intended as a reference guide for golf course superintendents, assistants, club managers, green’s committee members, students, sports field managers, professional lawn care operators, sod producers, and regulatory agencies in their efforts to grow and maintain some of the world’s most prestigious turf and landscape ornamental venues.

Professional turfgrass, horticulture, and aquatic managers are in an ever-changing business where technological inventions and upgrades, increasing demands for perfection, plus increases in sophistication in agronomic practices and products used in the business require consistent and up-to-date information to make the most effective and cost-efficient decisions possible. One important piece of this puzzle is knowing the technological principles of products used. Strategically used herbicides and plant growth regulators help maintain a desired landscape and uniform turfgrass stand which are aesthetically pleasing and provide a safe playing surface for competitive athletics.

With the recent increase in herbicide resistant plants, new chemistries being introduced, and new means of using these, this publication provides the technical background needed for successful use of these products. The properties of these products, their mode of action, environmental fates, toxicological properties, herbicide resistance, and the various herbicide families and their groupings are outlined and explained in relatively non-technical terms to help the end-user make the most economical and environmental responsible decisions on potential products to use. A number of illustrations and color photographs are included to help readers visualize written concepts.

Authors with expertise in specific areas of herbicide chemistry, turfgrass, horticulture and aquatic plus environmental science have reviewed this publication, making the information as complete and up to date as possible. Purchase it here.