Environmental Facility Certification Program

SFMA Environmental Facility Certification

This certification was developed to help document the environmental stewardship of SFMA members and is awarded to those facilities that meet the requirements. The program involves an electronic assessment, which you can take from any computer or smart device. To begin, go to SFMA’s product button at the top of the website, go to page 2 of the shopping cart and at the bottom of the page, you will see Environmental Facility Certification Initial ($50) and add it to your cart. After payment is received you will be emailed a link to the assessment form. To see the questions on the form click here.

How can this certification benefit your facility?

Certification will help managers show that your facility is employing environmental best management practices. Given the current pressure that many fields are under regarding the use of water, pesticides and additional environmental restrictions; this certification will show the public that you are aware and utilizing the most up to date environmental practices.

Version 3.0

SFMA has issued version 3.0 of its Environmental Facility Certification program and we invite you to participate. Version 3 includes two new sections for assessment: Managed Landscape and Open Spaces and Synthetic Surfaces. SFMA does allow a synthetic surface to be assessed but only within a Complex that is primarily natural grass fields. A synthetic complex does not qualify for assessment.

The Process

1. Purchase initial certification for $50, which can be accessed through the Products icon at the top of the page or by clicking this link.

2. You will receive a link to the Environmental Facility Certification Report Card Parts I & II. Complete the assessment electronically and submit. (Paper forms will not be accepted).

3. After you have completed the assessment, SFMA will score it. If you have achieved 80 percent compliance on each of the 12 sections, you will be notified that you passed.

4. The next step is to engage an attester who is a Certified Sports Field Manager (CSFM) who can do a walk-through of the facility with you to validate your environmental practices.

You are free to choose your attester as long as he/she is not employed at your facility, and he/she meets one of the following requirements:
1.  An SFMA certified member (CSFM). The CSFM will receive Industry Service Points toward recertification.
2.  An academic or extension agent; or
3.  If you cannot find someone to be the attester, please contact SFMA headquarters at ph. 800-323-3875.

5. A PDF of your assessment will be sent to you and your attester and a link to the attestor’s form will be sent to your approved attester for them to easily confirm that your practices are in place. If the attester verifies your practices, the facility will be designated an SFMA Certified Facility for Environmentally Responsible Management.

6. SFMA will notify you within two weeks of the status of certification.


There is a $50 initial fee for this program. This fee is to evaluate the answers to determine if you qualify to move to the next step, attesting. If the attester validates that your practices are in place, you will be awarded Environmental Facility Certification.

You will have the option to order the Environmental Stewardship plaque, which costs $100.

Certification is valid for three years. At the conclusion of three years, a simple form will need to be completed that validates the environmental practices are still in place. That form will be sent to you automatically when the recertification fee is paid, which is $50. Upon recertification, you can purchase a new date plate for your plaque reflecting your current certification period for $20.

* If you do not achieve the 80 percent passing score, you have one year to reassess the sections that you did not pass. If a sports field manager leaves a facility, the facility still maintains its certification until the end of the three-year period.

Read Full Instructions here.

Not sure you are ready to take the assessment? Check out the questions here.

If you are an attester, you will receive an emailed link to complete the attester survey. Click here to review the attester responsibilities.

Please call SFMA Headquarters with questions, 800-323-3875. Good luck!

We decided that we were going to pursue this environmental certification when it was announced at the SFMA Conference in San Diego. Once the application was available in June we quickly worked to get the application submitted. We felt it was important to show our commitment to the environment.” – Zach Holm, CSFM

Congratulations to those Sports Field Managers who Achieved Environmental Facility Certification!

  • Allen Pond Park, Edward Hall, CSFM, City of Bowie, Bowie, MD
  • Austin FC, St. David’s Performance Center, Tanner Coffman, Austin, TX
  • CHS Field at the St. Paul Saints Baseball Club, Nick Baker, St. Paul, MN
  • City of Laurel Sports Complex, Elvin Ulmer, CSFM, Laurel, MS
  • City Park, Colin Stuhr, Iowa City, IA
  • Ensworth High School, John Clintsman, Nashville, TN
  • Ensworth Lower School, John Clintsman, Nashville, TN
  • The Episcopal Academy, Newton Square, PA, Matthew Kerns
  • Greens Farms Academy, Tom Barry, Westport, CT
  • Grinnell College Athletic Fields, Jason Koester, Grinnell, IA
  • Gulf Shores Sportsplex, Jeff Hopkins, City of Gulf Shores, AL
  • The Gulfport SportsPlex, Keair Edwards, Gulfport, MS
  • Hibner Soccer and Tennis Complex, Jared Hertzel, Lincoln, NE
  • Iowa City Soccer Complex, Colin Stuhr and Joe Wagner, City of Iowa City, IA
  • Iowa State Southeast Recreation Complex, Josh Tvrdik, Ames, IA
  • Longfellow Park, Travis Stephen, Park District of Oak Park, IL
  • Mercer Park, Colin Stuhr, Iowa City, IA
  • Napoleon Softball Complex, Colin Stuhr, City of Iowa City, IA
  • Nationals Park, John Turnour, District of Columbia
  • Oak Grove Park, Jason Beavon, Centerville, OH
  • Open Space Park, Lee Van Meeteren, Sioux Center, IA
  • Prairie Ridge Sports Complex, Elliott Josephson, Ankeny, IA
  • Prospect Meadows, Blake Nelson, Marion, IA
  • Real Madrid Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Paul Burgess, CSFM, Madrid, Spain
  • Rio Vista Community Park, Chris Bolender, CSFM, Peoria, AZ
  • Ruby Hill Park, Abby McNeal, CSFM, Denver, CO
  • Schoolhouse Park, Joel Thornton, Centerville, OH
  • University of Nebraska Hibner Soccer and Tennis Center, Jared Hertzel and Blake Nelson, Lincoln, NE
  • USC Upstate Soccer Complex, Bruce Suddeth, CSFM, Spartanburg, SC
  • Waukegan SportsPark, Noel Brusius, CSFM, Waukegan, IL