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Association News

Turfgrass Rundown

An exciting collaboration transpired between Penn State Extension and Westinghouse Academy

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Coming Fall Of 2024 SFMA Turfgrass Science Certification

The Sports Field Management Association is excited to introduce the SFMA

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Field of the Year Awards Application is Open!

The application to submit to SFMA’s prestigious program, Field of the

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SFMA Mentorship Program

The SFMA Mentorship program is in full swing and off to

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What SFMA Offers

Industry Best Practices

SFMA offers continuing education and information to help sports field managers prepare beautiful and safe field surfaces. These educational resources are created in a variety of formats including educational bulletins, podcasts, webinars, videos, DVDs and in-person conference presentations.

You’ll learn from leading academics, practitioners and commercial innovators.

Member Benefits

When you become a member of SFMA you immediately join an influential network of peers who are willing to share information and best practices. Networking is often cited as the number one reason why sports field managers join the association.

The resources you have immediate access to can help you enhance your value to your employer and prepare you to take the next step in your career.


Core to SFMA’s mission is the safety of athletes of all ages and abilities, from pee wee to professional. SFMA practitioner members implement best practices in field maintenance to ensure safe playing surfaces and minimize the risk of injuries.

We are committed to being environmental stewards, promoting practices that protect the environment and address concerns related to synthetic turf, fertilizers, weed/pest control chemicals, and water usage. By employing scientifically sound maintenance techniques, our members uphold the well-being of athletes, while also demonstrating our dedication to preserving the environment.

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