SFMA is offering microcredentials as a way for members to enhance their education in specialized topics. Those completing the microcredential will be asked to read technical articles and watch presentations. The microcredential will culminate with a test. A passing score earns a digital badge that is good for 3 years and can be used in email signatures, on business cards, etc. The badge is simply validation that the user took time to learn about a specialized area in sports turf management. Completion of the microcredential DOES NOT result in any type of certification, nor does it qualify toward Certified Sports Field Manager (CSFM) designation.

Because this is a new offering from SFMA, there are 2 different versions available:

Pilot – The pilot is a free version of the microcredential designed for sports turf managers to determine if the program adds value to their professional development.  The final test is 10 questions and the digital badge is good for one year.  The free pilot is only available to the first 20 people who request the test.

Microcredential – The complete microcredential is available for a fee ($50).  The final test is 30 questions and the digital badge is good for 3 years.


Sports Field Drainage

Drainage is the removal of excess water from the soil surface and/or soil profile by either gravity or artificial means. Drainage is one of the most important issues when managing a sports field. Your field will not perform well if you do not have a drainage system in place. Turfgrass areas need to be able to withstand foot and vehicular traffic in various weather conditions. Standing water and/or saturated fields can cause cancellation or postponement of events, increase likelihood for compaction and ruts, and lead to poor overall field health. Efficient soil drainage ensures that water does not collect on the athletic surface. A well-drained athletic surface improves safety and playability, allows turfgrass plants to access necessary nutrients, allows better air exchange, and improves turfgrass recovery potential. It is important to understand drainage principles and what types of drainage will work best for your field to enhance user safety, reduce field closures, and keep your field healthy.

Resources to Study

SFMA Bulletins:

Drainage – A Crucial Component for Athletic Field Performance

SFMA Presentation:

Understanding Drainage of Athletic Fields – Presented by Dr. Andrew McNitt, Penn State University, at SFMA’s 2018 Annual Conference

Supplementary Articles:

Football Drainage: It’s What’s Inside that Counts

Planning for Drainage Means Deciding Between Native Soil and Sand-Based Systems

Understanding Field Drainage

Take the Test!

To access the test to earn your digital badge, please visit SFMA’s Products page and purchase the microcredential for $50. After you purchase the microcredential, you will receive a link to the test. If a passing grade is earned, you will receive a digital badge via email. The badge will be good for 3 years.

If you are participating in the free pilot, please contact Jennifer McLendon (jmclendon@sportsfieldmanagement.org) for a link to the test.