April is National Lawn Care Month

April is National Lawn Care Month! National Lawncare Month offers the ideal opportunity for sports field managers to highlight the benefits of natural grass in their communities.


  • Tweet about it. Write tweets using the facts and resources on this webpage. Use the hashtag #LawnCareMonth. Here are a few example tweets:
  • Did you know that a 50 by 50 foot lawn provides enough oxygen for a family of 4? #LawnCareMonth
  • Spring has arrived. Here are some tips to help care for your yard. #LawnCareMonth
  • Did you know 1 acre of grass produces more oxygen than 1 acre of rainforest. #LawnCareMonth
  • Did you know that lawns can be 30 degrees cooler than blacktop? #LawnCareMonth
  • Post to Instagram. If you are an Instagram user, post photos of your lawn care work and tag the photo with #LawnCareMonth. Everyone enjoys photos of beautiful lawns and landscapes.
  • Blog about it. Write about National Lawn Care Month in your company blog. Use the logo and photos to add interest to your post.
  • Tell clients about it. Promote National Lawn Care Month on your website or in e-newsletters or e-blasts to clients. It will get them thinking about their lawn and get them excited for spring.
  • Post to Facebook. Share some of the facts and resources on your Facebook page.

Click here for even more information on how to get involved.