Clinton, NC Parks and Rec wins Green Spaces contest

When the Parks and Recreation Department of Clinton, NC was named the winner of the “Our Winning Green Spaces” contest they knew they would receive an Exmark Lazer Z X-Series mower package to help maintain the city’s parks and recreation facilities. What they didn’t expect to receive was a transformation.

The “Our Winning Green Spaces” contest is sponsored by Project EverGreen in partnership with Exmark Manufacturing, the Sports Turf Managers Association (SFMA) and The Foundation for Safer Athletic Fields for Everyone (SAFE).

Clinton’s Royal Lane Park was the recipient of the park renovation. The park had fallen into disarray over the last decade due to budget constraints and aging park amenities, and was in need of a much-needed upgrade.

“Residents, guests and sports teams come to the park to take advantage of the fields, playgrounds, swimming pool and trails.” says Jonathan Allen, CPRP, director of parks and recreation for Clinton. “Because the fields are in constant use, there is little to no down time for the fields to recuperate.”

Numerous local green industry companies contributed to the renovation project which included the planting of nearly 100 trees, bushes, plants, applying of mulch, and installation of fencing around the playground which also had new equipment installed.

The park’s multi-purpose natural turf athletic field was laser graded, re-sodded and the outdated irrigation system was replaced with a new commercial quality system. Fertilizer and weed control treatments were applied to improve the health of the turf.

“Clinton residents and the neighborhood are the real winners,” says Cindy Code, executive director of Project Evergreen. “The improved park facilities and sports fields breathe new life into the environment and functions as the lungs of the community. Project EverGreen and our partners at SFMA and Exmark were impressed with the quality of the application and the passion of the parks department.”

Nearly 150 children use the park and playground daily, and more than 500 young athletes participate in football and youth soccer leagues on the multipurpose field.

“This project breathed active life back into our park, community, and area,” says Allen. “It has allowed patrons to pursue more active and healthier lifestyles. This is important because our county is statistically one of the most unhealthy counties in North Carolina.”

Allen says the project brought together the community, city departments, and outside organizations to make a more beautiful park and enhance the existing facilities.

“We thank Project Ever Green and its partners for making this project possible,” adds Allen. “It will leave a lasting footprint on our community for a lifetime.”

Participating Companies

  • TLC, Inc. (landscaping)
  • Well’s Brothers General Contractor and Carolina Green Corp. (field grading)
  • Hrdrolynks (irrigation)
  •    Helena Chemical Co. (fertilizer and pest control)
  • Exmark (mower)
  • Buy Sod (Bermuda sprigging)
  • NC/SC chapter of the SFMA