Committee Sign Up is Open

Sign up by Jan. 28 to serve on an SFMA national committee. Committees help to guide SFMA programs and services and provide much insight and perspective. Each committee has a different charter for the work it needs to accomplish for the year, and the amount of volunteer time required will also vary. Review the list below and then click on the link to sign up for a 2020 committee.


  • Advocacy Committee
    • Advocacy Information & Outreach Committee: Outreach efforts are for information related to advocacy. This group will be responsible for the means and methods of information dissemination. (Approx. 12 hours per year)
    • Editorial Subcommittee: Leads a group in final oversight for the monthly magazine and other related documents. (Approx. 12 hours per year)
  • Environmental Committee: To continue the efforts related to updating and expanding the environmental certification. (Approx. 12 hours per year)
    • BMP Task Group: To continue developing the National SFMA BMP templates and corresponding documents (Approx. 20 hours per year).
  • International Committee: To continue to grow the SFMA internationally with a goal of 3 partnered international events (Approx. 8 hours per year)
  • Education Committee
    • Conference: To develop the 2021 conference and oversight of the following related committees to ensure that each group has the necessary means with which to perform their tasks
      • Conference Education: To develop a robust educational line-up for Palm Springs 2021. Includes the call for presentations and slating the conference education. (Approx. 24 hrs. per year)
      • Conference Tours: To develop educational tours at the conference in Palm Springs 2021 (Approx. 12 hours per year)
      • Student Challenge: Grow the student challenge and provide the components necessary to hold a successful event (Approx. 15 hours per year)
      • Learning Initiatives: To look at new ways to provide education to the membership. (i.e. webinars or live meetings on-line) Goal is to host one live online learning session. (Approx. 12 hours per year)
    • Chapter Relations Committee: To grow SFMA through chapters as the life blood of the organization. Work with chapters to understand their needs and how National can support their missions. (Approx. 10 hours per year)


  • Finance & Audit Committee: To provide oversight of the SFMA’s financial resources by reporting information to the Board of Directors. (Approx. 6 hours per year)
  • Technology Committee: To oversee SFMA’s communication and membership platforms to insure they are current, cohesive and serve members’ needs. Goal for 2020 is to look at new tech options for reaching out to members (Approx. 4 hours per year)
  • Nominating Committee: Chaired by the Immediate Past President who selects its members. It must have representation from each category of membership. (Not open for volunteers through this sign-up process)
  • Commercial Advisory Council: To provide a forum to exchange ideas on how SFMA can better serve and engage its commercial members and how this segment can help to advance the association. (2-year commitment – Approx. 8 hours per year)
  • Membership Committee
    • Certification: To develop strategies to grow the number of certified members; to consistently monitor the program and recommend enhancements to ensure that the program is the top achievement for sports turf managers. (Approx. 12 hours per year)
    • Bylaws: To develop association bylaws, which are fair and enforceable, and clearly define the expectations for membership, governance processes and board of director’s service. This Committee may or may not need to address bylaws – dependent upon Board actions that may affect the Bylaws language.
    • Historical: To preserve the history of the association and the profession. (Approx. 24 hours per year)
    • Ethics: To provide a fair and unbiased council to investigate claims of ethics violations, determine if the claim has merit, and shepherd the appeals process. (This Committee is called into operation only if there is an ethics violation claim)
  • Awards Committee
    • Field of the Year: To judge the association’s awards program applicants selecting the Field of the Year winners and the Minor League Baseball Sports Turf Manager of the Year; to develop strategies to enhance the programs. (Approx. 20 hours Mid-Oct. to Mid-Nov.)
    • Minor League Baseball: To judge the associations Minor League Baseball Sports Field Manager of the Year (Approx. 5 hours in Oct.)
    • Innovative Awards:  To judge the innovative awards program, ensure a fair judging process and enhance the program as necessary. (Non-commercial members only. Approx. 5 hours per year))
    • Scholarship: To judge the recipients of the SAFE Scholarships, the Terry Mellor Educational Grant, the Gary Vanden berg Internship Grant, the Darian Daily Legacy Award, and the Leo Goertz Membership Grant; to develop strategies to enhance these programs. (Approx. 12 hours over one-month mid-Oct. to mid-Nov.).