Featured Speakers of the Month

Each month, speakers presenting at the 2020 National SFMA Conference and Exhibition in West Palm Beach, Florida will be featured. Don’t miss the educational opportunities offered at the conference!

Dr. James Murphy is an Extension Specialist at Rutgers University. On Tuesday, January 14, he will be presenting “Topdressing Sports Fields: What’s Right for Your Facility?”

Topdressing is often discussed as a desirable cultural management practice for sports turf; however, many do not fully understand the pros and cons of various options involved in deciding on whether and how to implement this practice at their facility. This presentation will summarize the knowledge needed to determine whether this practice is economically feasible and, if so, how to approach the logistical and agronomic issues needed to design a sound program. The logistics of delivering, storing and applying large volumes of topdressing material will be discussed. Additionally, understanding the agronomic reasoning behind material selection (sand, compost, etc.) and the timing, frequency and material-quantities applied in a topdressing program will be discussed.

By attending this session, participants will:

– Gain a comprehensive perspective on the logistical issues involved with either implementing a topdressing program or enhancing an existing program.
– Learn how to assess existing soil conditions and determine which materials are best suited to the soil and function of the sports field(s) being considered for a topdressing program.
– Have a better understanding how to determine whether a topdressing program is right for their facility as well as how to enhance existing topdressing programs.

Dr. Haibo Liu is a Professor of Turfgrass and Soil Sciences at Clemson University. On Tuesday, January 14, he will be presenting “Turfgrasses Do Not Eat Cookies!”

This seminar will provide thorough reviews of turf soil fertility, nutrition, and as well as environmental soil chemical concepts, updates of new trends, as well as challenges for sports turf managers. Expect hands-on exercises with informal information exchanges.

By attending, the audience will:

– Strengthen their turfgrass soil, nutrition, and chemical concepts.
– Gain hands-on experience to deal with challenging turfgrass soil and chemical subjects and learn about improvements for future management practices.
– Obtain teaching materials that will be deliverable to others for future training and education.