Featured Speakers of the Month

SFMA’s Conference Education Committee has put together an exciting and informative education program for the 2022 Conference in Savannah, Georgia!  Each month, speakers presenting at the conference will be featured. Don’t miss the networking and educational opportunities offered this year!

Dr. Nick Christians (left) is a University Professor at Iowa State University and Dr. Adam Thoms (right) is an Assistant Professor at Iowa State University. On Tuesday, January 18, they will be presenting “Understanding Plant and Soil Interactions.”

Maximizing turfgrass potential can be tricky, but with proper nutrition, growth and performance will follow. This seminar covers what nutrients are needed, how much of each nutrient is needed, and how to test for those nutrients. We will also cover how to present why you need proper nutrition to administrators.

Participants of this session will:

  • Learn what amounts of each nutrient are needed for each element.
  • Be able to explain what processes those nutrients carry out in the plant.
  • Understand how to best test for those elements in the plant.


Dr. Beth Guertal is a Rowe Endowed Professor at Auburn University. On Tuesday, January 18, she will be presenting “What’s the Deal With Soil Health and How Can I Use it in My Sports Facility?”

Soil health is a term being used by a whole lot of folks, yet it is largely undefined.  This seminar will talk about the various definitions of soil heath, and those that fit into turfgrass management.  We’ll talk about the various ways we measure soil health, and how you could use those to quantify soil health at your facility.

Attendees will learn the following:

  • What currently available ‘soil health’ tests measure.
  • How your management tactics may affect soil health.

How to talk about soil health to clientele and users of the facilities and communicate how various practices improve soil health.