GMA’s #GroundsWeek returns in March

The Grounds Management Association (GMA) has announced that its annual awareness campaign, #GroundsWeek, is returning from March 20-26 2023.

The campaign, now in its third year, recognizes the work of turf care volunteers and professionals in the UK, with a focus on inspiring new recruits to consider a career in the industry.

According to research carried out by the GMA, the industry is facing an impending employment crisis. Currently, 40% of the workforce is over 50 years-old and, without an influx of new recruits, this could result in a significant employment gap within five years.

“Our job is to look out for the interests of our members and the wider industry.,” said Geoff Webb, CEO of the GMA. “Part of that means ensuring new talent is entering the industry. The turf care industry provides a chance for younger people to learn new skills, work in a wide range of sectors and contribute to making sport possible. It also offers incredible career opportunities and health benefits. Connecting with new recruits is what #GroundsWeek is all about.”

Webb said that there will be opportunities for students to get firsthand experience and will hear real-life stories from current field managers.

“We’ll be highlighting the incredible work existing volunteers and professionals do to make sport possible and showcasing their invaluable impact on the nation, and making sure they get the recognition they deserve, from the public, sporting organizations and the industry,” said Webb.

Grounds staff is encouraged to share their work on social media using the hashtag #GroundsWeek.

“To help the campaign make as big an impact as possible, I urge grounds people across the country to keep an eye out for #GroundsWeek content and share it online,” said Neil Stubley, head of courts and horticulture at Wimbledon. “Make sure you and your colleagues are celebrated far and wide.”

To find out more about #GroundsWeek, keep up to date with all the latest content by following the GMA on social media:

You can also contact the GMA to find out how you can get involved by emailing communications@thegma.org.uk.

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