How Are you Using SFMA’s BMPs?

SFMA recently released Best Management Practices for the Sports Field Manager: A Professional Guide for Environmental Sports Field Management. The guide is intended to provide a comprehensive compilation of environmental best practices utilized by sports field managers. The BMPs can be found here!

The BMPs provide sports field managers the tools and resources to document solid environmental practices for legislators, regulators, employers, and community constituents. Although many have been following excellent practices, this program validates those and positions the Sports Field Manager as a strong steward of the environment, which will aid in educating decision-makers.

This guide is available for our chapters to customize to their needs.  To date, MASFMA has already customized the guide for the following purposes:

  • Reinforce that we are educated and highly trained professionals that make decisions based on scientific fact and experience.
  • Help counter proposed legislation that will limit what we can use to effectively and successfully perform our jobs.
  • Recognize the Sports Field Management Industry professionals as stewards of the environment by spelling out to organizations, communities, and state officials exactly how we operate in a clear transparent manner.
  • Serve as the basis for how professionals conduct themselves in accordance with state/local regulations.
  • Highlight industry specific practices that ensure the safety of the community and environment remain the top priority in our line of work.

In addition, NESFMA has plans in place for fall of 2021 to customize the document to their regional needs. You too can follow these guidelines to customize the document to your local, state, or regional needs to respond to any upcoming legislation.