Hydroseeding in the turf care industry

Hydroseeding is a process where seed is sprayed onto the ground to grow vegetation. This process is used all over the world were grass is needed. From a grass football field, to a commercial erosion control project, hydroseeding is an effective solution to planting grass.

The ingredients for hydroseeding vary based on the job, but generally include a combination of seed, fertilizer, and lime combined with a hydraulic mulch comprised of paper and/or wood fiber. Some companies, such as Seedway, make special mixes known as turf seed that can be used on athletic fields, golf courses, and other applications.

Benefits of Hydroseeding for Athletic Fields

Hydroseeding for athletic fields can combat a number of challenges associated with field maintenance. Some of the major benefits of hydroseeding over traditional seeding processes include:

  • Hydraulic mulch retains moisture, insulates seed, and protects from erosion
  • Quicker and more uniform germination
  • Reduced labor cost as hydroseeding equipment can be used to do most of the work for you
  • Can be used anywhere grass can be planted by seed
  • Can use a contractor or do it yourself with the proper equipment. A number of websites offer hydroseeder rentals for small and large applications.

If you are looking to plant grass for a football, soccer, or baseball field project, hydroseeding may be a cost-effective solution for your project. The application of hydroseeding is also effective for maintaining fields and repairing areas where grass needs to be planted. – Nolan Barger, Epic Manufacturing