Invest 2 Hours & Achieve Environmental Certification

Sports turf managers have long been known for their careful management of sports fields to protect the environment. Your work involves using best management practices for field maintenance. Thus, your practices are already in place and are the first step in validating your environmental stewardship.

Start the process by filling out the self-assessment form at SFMA.org. This on-line form takes an hour or less to fill out. The form asks questions with clear YES, NO or ADDRESSING answer options. Click through the form answering the questions and hit submit. The form will automatically be sent to SFMA HQ. Within several days you will receive a “received” notice and your form will be reviewed within two weeks for its acceptance to the second and final phase.

This phase involves an attester, chosen by you and having the qualifications of either being a CSFM or a turfgrass academic. The attester will walk through your facility with you reviewing your practices. That walk-through typically takes an hour.

Currently there is no charge to undertake the two-phase assessment/attesting process. Once certification is achieved, the facility can choose to have a banner or a plaque recognizing the certification. SFMA will provide the customized award and there will be a charge of $100 for the development and production of the recognition. The SFMA Environmental Committee will be adjusting this pricing structure this summer, so don’t delay. Spend just two hours now and get your facility certified!

Join the exclusive ranks of the 32 facilities that have achieved environmental certification. See the list here.