Membership Survey Coming this Month

The Membership Committee asks for your participation in its electronic Membership Survey. The survey only takes 12 minutes to fill out and will provide valuable insight into your satisfaction with SFMA and what you need to be more successful as a sports field manager.

SFMA has not conducted a Membership Survey since 2013, so please help us get the data we need to better allocate our resources to serve you. The Membership Committee is led by Chair Sun Roesslein, CSFM, and its members are Marc Moran, CSFM, Craig Sampsell, CSFM, Eric Roberts, CSFM, Josh DeJong, Darrold Hughes, CSFM, Andrew Powers, CSFM, Jesse Driver, CSFM, Matt Tobin, Andrew Rountree, CSFM and John Clintsman.