Nominate a Member who is an Environmental Steward

SFMA’s Environmental Stewardship Award celebrates members who have helped to advance the professionalism of all SFMA members as it relates to sustainable sports field management or who have advocated for SFMA as an environmental steward.

This award may be given annually. Please take a minute to consider nominating a fellow member. To nominate, provide the person’s name, facility and a short description of why that person should be considered for this award. See the criteria outlined below.

Criteria for nominations for the award:

  1. Demonstrated excellence by the sports turf professional in their field.
  2. Continued commitment of environmental stewardship throughout the nominee’s facilities.
  3. Attainment of SFMA Facility Certification/or attainment of another recognized environmental award.
  4. Criteria 3 may be waived if the nomination contains evidence of the personal dedication and commitment toward environmental stewardship but their facility will not allow for awards or certifications.
  5. Nominee must be an SFMA member who demonstrates positive communications, outreach, and leadership when it comes to the environmental initiatives of the SFMA within their communities.

This award program was created to honor member Kevin Trotta for his foresight and tenacity to make sports field management a profession that is environmentally responsible. Kevin was a member of the SFMA since 2000 until he passed away in 2016. He was the first chairman of the Environmental Committee for SFMA when it was made a full standing committee in 2011.