Oct. 15 – Submittal Deadline for Just About Everything!

– Scholarships, grants, Field of the Year & Founders applications and nominations due

The SFMA Awards and the SAFE Grants and Scholarship program converge on Oct. 15. That is the deadline to submit applications to be considered for an award, grant or scholarship, or to nominate someone.
Field of the Year applications are filled out by a member seeking to win an award for their baseball, football, softball, soccer or sporting ground field. Go here to fill out an application and find the information required to submit.

SAFE offers three grants:

1. The Gary Vanden Berg Internship Grant is for a member who worked as an intern in the preceding spring or summer season. This grant is to help an intern offset up to $1,000 in costs he/she incurred while interning, such as transportation, lodging, improve wages, etc.

2. The Terry Mellor Continuing Education Grant presented by Turface is to help fund a practicing sports field manager’s attendance at the annual SFMA Conference and Exhibition. All members of an SFMA affiliated chapter are eligible to win, and must be nominated through a letter of recommendation by a national SFMA Member.

3. The Leo Goertz Grant presented by Pioneer funds up to seven two-year memberships for non-SFMA members.

Information on how to apply for these grants can be found here.

The SFMA’s highest honors, Founders Awards, are peer nominated. Read here about the significance of Harry Gill and Dr. William Daniels to SFMA, and how George Toma and Dick Ericson continue to impact the association.