PGMS now accepting entries during its 50th Green Star Awards season

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Professional Grounds Management Society’s Green Star Awards, recognizing excellence in grounds maintenance. With more than fifteen award categories, the Green Star Awards recognizes individual professional efforts leading to high maintenance standards and high-quality appearance of the landscape. Award entry categories include Residential Landscape; Hospital or Institution; Park, Recreation or Playground; Hotel, Motel or Resort, Athletic Complex; and Education Institutions.

Entries are judged on the following categories: turf, landscape, safety, challenges and budget. The highest honor presented in a category is a Grand Award, followed by Honor and Merit recognition categories.

Former award winners include Disneyland, Duke University, Stone Mountain Golf Club, Biltmore Estate Historic Gardens, and The Venetian Resort.

Also, in conjunction with this year’s awards celebration, the Society has collaborated with the National Association For Olmsted Parks to create a new awards recognition category, “Olmsted Property.” This awards category is similar in format to the existing Green Star Awards categories but includes special emphasis on preservation, authenticity, and management principles when it comes to the Olmsted designs.

Celebrating its 200th year, the National Association For Olmsted Parks is a non-profit organization comprised of design and preservation professionals, historic property and park managers, scholars, municipal officials, citizen activists, and representatives of numerous Olmsted organizations around the United States. Its concern is the legacy of landscape work left by Frederick Law Olmsted Sr. and the firm continued by his sons. More than 120 organizations nationwide have banded together as “Olmsted 200: Parks for All People” for a year of public programming and events designed to celebrate, strengthen and expand parks, open space and American quality of life.

For more information, visit: https://pgms.org/page/GreenStarAwards.

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