Pioneer Athletics announces 2021 Pioneers in the Field

Pioneer Athletics announced its second class of “Pioneers in the Field.” The 2021 class joined six members from last year’s inaugural campaign. 

The professionals recognized as “Pioneers in the Field” are individuals who are making positive strides and impacts in their communities and the sports field management industry. Pioneer Athletics is honored to commend a group of six professionals that always adapt, persevere and rise to the occasion. 

The six members of the 2021 class of Pioneers in the Field are as follows:

  • Tom Nielsen, head groundskeeper, Lynn Family Stadium
  • Pete Thibeault, turf supervisor, Noble and Greenough School 
  • Wallace Owen, athletic director, Central Lunenburg High School 
  • Stephen Crockett, director of turf and facility operations, Union City Tennessee
  • Michael Saaranen, athletic field operations supervisor, Citywide Ballfields and City and County of Denver
  • Dan Bergstrom, CSFM, director of turf and grounds, BBVA Stadium 

Pioneer Athletics and industry peers selected sports field management professionals who have made a significant difference in their communities by creating exceptional fields of play. To read their stories, visit


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