Registration is live for the 2020 National Sports Safety and Security Conference and Exhibition

NCS4’s National Sports Safety and Security Conference will take place in San Antonio, Texas from June 30 – July 2, 2020. The event is the culmination of the year in safety and security and will see hundreds of thought leaders gather to discuss this year’s theme: Trending Now.

The Sports and Entertainment industry is significantly impacted by trends, which can convey currency, direction, leaning, tendency, and inclination. This year’s conference will focus on what trends are and how they impact technology, human capital, and policies and design as you plan and implement your safety and security programs.

We will look at these trends in the context of your venues and events in a rapidly changing world, both from the vulnerabilities and threats we face and the tools we use to mitigate them. Harnessing the power of trends is vital to staying on the cutting edge of the sports and entertainment landscape.

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