Signature Systems celebrates 25th Anniversary

Texas-based Signature Systems, a global company that engineers, manufactures and distributes premium composite matting solutions for industrial, stadium, government and event applications, is celebrating 25 years of growth and innovation.

Signature Systems was founded in 1998 with Signature Fencing and SportPane. The company quickly began expanding its product offering with the addition of stadium and event flooring and soon turned its attention to the industrial market with the introduction of DuraDeck composite mats in 2007. Three years later, Signature introduced its flagship product, MegaDeck to meet the rigorous demands of heavy-duty industrial site access and ground protection.

“Signature’s journey over the past 25 years has been filled with meaningful growth and great accomplishments,” said Jeff Condino, Chief Executive Officer. “We proudly celebrate this major milestone, which is a direct result of the partnerships between our valued employees, customers and suppliers.”

2022 was another exciting year for Signature Systems with the launch of MegaDeck HD+, its next generation heavy-duty composite mat, and the MDX pinning system. The company continued to mark its global presence by providing its stadium turf protection product for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

“From major sporting and entertainment events to crucial infrastructure projects and impactful safety and sustainability initiatives, Signature has successfully grown into a global leader in composite matting solutions,” said Condino. “Our commitment to our core values is the driving force behind our journey into a world-class organization,” he adds.

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