Sports Turf Company celebrates 30 years

Sports Turf Company is celebrating 30 years as a leader in athletic construction for natural grass and artificial turf fields, running tracks and tennis courts. Sports Turf Company holds more than 20 awards, has five Certified Builders on staff as recognized by the American Sports Builders Association, and has completed more than 700 facilities completed.

Sports Turf Company is the original vision of Founder and Chairman Aaron McWhorter and began as a natural grass construction company before expanding into athletic construction.

“Over the past 30 years, Sports Turf Company has really evolved to meet our clients’ expectations,” said McWhorter. “Creating longstanding relationships with our clients through their specific needs is what really drives Sports Turf forward in the industry.” 

Since its inception in December 1991, Sports Turf Company has diversified its offerings by using specialized laser-grading technology, artificial turf surfacing and creating a running track and tennis court division. Sports Turf is one of the few companies in the country that offers natural grass systems, artificial turf systems, synthetic tennis court surfacing and a full line of polyurethane and latex running track surfaces that are installed in-house. The inclusion of artificial turf systems, synthetic running track surfacing and tennis court construction allows Sports Turf to be a single source for clients to achieve their athletic facility needs.

“Sports Turf Company has experienced exceptional growth and development the past few years,” said Sports Turf Company President Todd Wiggins. “We attribute our growth to evolving to meet our clients’ needs whether its fields, tracks or tennis courts. We strive to provide them with the safest, most durable and economical solutions.”

Sports Turf Company serves as a consultant and owner’s advocate through the entire process while selecting the best facility solutions and surfaces. Three Certified Field Builders and two Certified Track Builders on staff help develop a realistic budget and layout to build a facility that meets and exceeds national best practices.

Sports Turf has completed projects across five states, from colleges to professional venues. The company continues evolving to provide higher performing, safer and more durable athletic facilities for its clients.

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