SFMA Committees Underway

SFMA’s committees are at work advancing the three-year strategic plan. The plan’s four platforms include:

I. Strengthen SFMA by Growing Membership, Creating Strategic Global Partnerships, Collaborating with Local Chapters, and Developing Internal Capabilities.
II. Enhance our Educational Services by extending our reach to new audiences and adopting new technologies.
III. Increase the value of SFMA to its members by promoting professionalism within our industry and advancing SFMA Brand Awareness.
IV. Diversify and Grow Revenue for Long-term Sustainability of SFMA.

SFMA’s 20 committees have been formed and work is underway. If you missed signing up for a 2019 committee, contact SFMA Headquarters, SFMAinfo@SFMA.org to be placed in a pool for potential micro-volunteer opportunities.

Click here to see the 2019 Committees