Submit for a Field of the Year

Begin preparations now!

SFMA’s prestigious Field of the Year awards application has elements that must be filled out now. The final deadline is Oct. 15, but the Field of the Year requires four PCIs to be filled as a requirement to submit; three must be in-season of the sport and one conducted in the off-season. Photographs, not to exceed 30, need to show the versatility of the field, display unique characteristics of the field and crew and tell a story of challenges, such as drainage, weather, traffic, etc.

In addition to photos and the PCI scores, the application has general field history questions. You also will need to include detailed monthly maintenance and fertility programs, budget, equipment used, and staffing levels. The committee also considers the answer to the following question to be very important as they independently judge each application: Why should SFMA consider your field a winner?

The application process is online and it is very easy to fill out. Click here to access the ReviewR software.