SYNLawn wins six industry awards from the Synthetic Turf Council

SYNLawn announced that its company, corporate leadership and distributors were recognized for their achievements in the artificial turf industry with six awards presented by the Synthetic Turf Council (STC).

“We are thrilled for our company and colleagues to be recognized for innovative projects, industry leadership and philanthropic endeavors that align with the STC’s mission to improve the world through synthetic turf,” said George Neagle, executive vice president at SYNLawn. “I also feel honored for receiving the Volunteer of the Year Award. It has been a privilege to work closely with the STC to help enhance the artificial turf industry.”

The award-winning categories included:

●      Commercial Landscape Project of the Year – SYNLawn New York, City Square Rooftop Park: Anastasia Phillips, owner of SYNLawn New York, and her team partnered with GDC Developers for the installation of City Square Rooftop Park in White Plains. The team designed and installed a 35,000 square foot rooftop courtyard area using SYNTipede 343, SYNRye 200 Tan, Precision Putt and Ultra Base. The courtyard connects three buildings known as “Central Park of City Square, downtown White Plains.” SYNLawn New York has years of experience completing complex artificial turf installations, which allowed them to successfully complete a project of this magnitude.

●      Residential Landscape Project of the Year – SYNLawn Michigan, Lake House: Justin Booth, owner of SYNLawn Michigan, and his team were selected to transform a family residence on an inland lake in Metro Detroit into an outdoor oasis. Initially, the family was only interested in having the team from SYNLawn Michigan install a replica of the 12th Hole at Augusta National Golf Club using Precision Putt, but once the family witnessed the top-quality work of the team and the high quality of the turf, they asked to expand the project. The additional artificial turf installations included two pathways leading down to the lake using SYNAugustine 547; artificial walls for an outdoor kitchen and an outdoor shower; SYNBlue 949 around a patio seating area located near a pond; a fenced in dog run created with Pet Platinum; a balcony to be used as a hitting area for a golf green area; and the installation of SYNSport for the front yard. The final result was approximately 20,000 square feet of artificial turf covering the lakefront property.

●      Sports Project of the Year (over 75,000 square feet) – SYNLawn Indiana, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis: Anastasia Phillips and her team at SYNLawn Indiana installed 1.4 acres of sustainable, plant-based turf to make the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience sports and fitness exhibits more inclusive, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The project included the creation of a mini hockey rink and a running/walking track using 28,000 square feet of Sports Turf Blend in various colors with envirofills for three sports fields; 27,000 square feet of SYNPour for the track; and 2,500 square feet of SYNCourt for the rink.

●      Philanthropy – SYNLawn Acts of Kindness: The SYNLawn team was recognized for its regional, national and international charitable contributions, which included care packages, direct financial support and projects that provided an equal footing in troubled areas. Their philanthropic projects benefited essential workers, Make A Wish chapters, families who had lost loved ones and those who worked around the clock to make ends meet. For more details, a video highlighting their philanthropic endeavors is available to watch here.

●      Volunteer of the Year – George Neagle: George Neagle, executive vice president at SYNLawn, received this achievement for his efforts in helping the STC and promoting its values, including improving sustainability among the artificial turf industry. As part of its sustainability initiative, SYNLawn has worked on becoming a bio-preferred provider of certified biobased artificial grass products and installation systems. The company has a proprietary system with a large percentage of renewable content, and it was the first synthetic turf company to earn the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Biobased Product label.

●      Rookie of the Year – Davis McDougal: Davis McDougal, technical sales and product manager at SYNLawn, was recognized for having a positive impact on the STC committees he serves on. He also shares his product knowledge and best practices with fellow STC members through his panelist position on the STC Roundtable for Landscape and Synthetic Grass. His success on this panel resulted in the launch of the Landscape Product Quality and Performance Guidelines Committee, which he chairs.

More information about the STC Awards is available at www.syntheticturfcouncil.org/page/awards.

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