“The Water Zone” radio show gains fans, expands reach

The 2015 drought experienced in the Western U.S. is already beginning to feel like a distant memory. Watering restrictions have been lifted in many regions and reserves are at capacity. Even popular ski regions, like Mammoth Mountain, had enough snow pack to keep ski season open into summer. With a seeming abundance of water it can be easy to take for granted how precious water is and how quickly circumstances change when it is not readily available.

As the first show of its kind to deal with the topic of water, The Water Zone has gained a lot of attention and accolades. They recently received the 2018 KCAA Broadcast Media Award for exemplary news coverage of water legislation, promotion of water conservation and water use efficiency technologies.

Rob Starr and Chris Davey, hosts of this groundbreaking radio show, take to the airwaves each week with the mission to remind us of the importance of water and steps we can take to protect it. “It’s not a matter of if there will be another major drought but when,” says Starr. “Taking steps now to conserve and protect our water resources will serve to ensure that we are better prepared for the next major event.”

With sponsorship and support from The Toro Company, The Water Zone began in 2015 in response to the water crisis that impacted much of the Western U.S. Its purpose was to keep listeners in the Southern California region informed and updated about the drought and ways to conserve in business and at home. Since then, the show has grown to become a forum for industry experts, government leaders, authors, environmentalists and others to discuss issues and opportunities for water conservation across the country. It touches on everything from government regulations, do-it-yourself water saving tips and new technologies for water efficient crop watering.

“Since their first show, we have seen an ever increasing interest about water issues, water regulation and water conservation from both our listening and Internet audience. The Water Zone and their impressive on-air guests provide great insight and knowledge on these important topics. The show has been a great addition to our program lineup,” says Mark Westwood, KCAA’s Radio General Manager.

The radio show has also grown to include contributions and collaboration with several industry groups including the Irrigation Association and California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association. The inclusion of industry organizations points to a natural synergy and the importance of The Water Zone as a means of exploring important issues affecting water throughout the nation and across diverse industries.

“Drought is often seen as an issue that only affects us here in the West, but it can happen anywhere in the nation and when it happens it impacts nearly every part of our daily lives,” says Starr.

“Expanding our reach to include water industry organizations, like AWWA, enables us to make an even greater impact and influence water savings nation-wide.”

The Water Zone is broadcast on iHeart radio and throughout Southern California on NBC News Radio KCAA radio 1050 AM, 102.3 FM and 106.5 FM. Podcasts are available at www.kcaaradio.com.