Turfgrass science curriculum goes nationwide

SFMA is partnering with iCEV Multimedia, LLC, to develop a national online turfgrass curriculum. iCEV serves as a platform in which students can not only gain the knowledge to succeed in school but also gain the necessary skill set to become a thriving member of the modern workforce.

iCEV provides educators pre-built, fully customizable courses complete with multimedia lessons and supporting coursework. The turfgrass curriculum will feature presentations accompanied by detailed lesson plans, projects and activities, handouts, assessments and more. Content is aligned to the latest state and national standards. The goal of the curriculum is to provide students with the focus and preparation needed for a successful transition from K-12 to post-secondary studies to career success, along with providing necessary training for the lifelong learner. The turfgrass science curriculum culminates in industry certification testing of which SFMA will be the exclusive industry partner.

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