Twenty achieve CSFM designation in 2019

Recognizing the importance of fostering and improving professionalism within the sports turf industry, the Sports Turf Managers Association developed the Certified Sports Field Manager certification program.

The Certified Sports Field Manager (CSFM) program validates the professionalism and the continuing commitment of those who are certified to be the best that they can be. In 2019, 20 sports field managers achieved the CSFM designation.

CSFM Class of 2019:

Peter Auth, CSFM

Chris Ball, CSFM

Joe Breedon, CSFM

Joshua DeJong, CSFM

Ian Francia, CSFM

Brian Hogan, CSFM

Winston James, CSFM

Mark Kruse, CSFM

Bruce Leivermann, CSFM

Don Lunsford, CSFM

Robert McDaniel, CSFM

Nicholas Paserchia, CSFM

Jason Puopolo, CSFM

Larry Rhodes, CSFM

Eric Roberts, CSFM

Ray Sayre, CSFM

John Wagnon, CSFM

Kevin White, CSFM

Jeffrey Winsor, CSFM

Cody Witham, CSFM

If you are not already a Certified Sports Field Manager, consider taking the steps to become certified. Contact SFMA Headquarters at 800-323-3875 to receive the information you need to start the process.