Use Certification to Elevate your Position

Certification brings an element of credibility; it shows an added level of commitment to be at the top of your profession. SFMA has two certification programs: Certified Sports Field Manager (for an individual) and Environmental Facility Certification (for the facility).

Combined, 300 members have achieved one or both certifications. Each person uses the special designation(s) afforded by that program to “soft-sell” their expertise. Many use the program’s logos in their email signatures; others hang their plaques in locations visible to others. CSFMs wear clothing with certified logo or wear their badge when attending meetings. The subtle use of these logos has a big impact; they add an element of professionalism. Looking for a new job? Some employers use certification to sort resumes for those who they will interview.

Both programs validate that standards have been met. Explore these certification programs at SFMA.org.