What level are your reels?

Blogger Stephen Tucker, Tucker Equipment Management, Winter Garden, FL has interesting take here on what level turf techs keep their mower reels:

“The subject that is king of debate is on the docket for this week’s blog post and that is Cutting Units! The one subject that hits at the heart of every technician and that many feel they have it right. So much so that they are willing to ignore any discussions at all surrounding it no matter what data or holes others poke into it. It’s the one subject that manufacturers and distributors try to avoid and grinder manufacturers seem to build fraternities on. I too early on was somewhat closed off to others opinions on the subject until I realized this one thing: If I am not willing to continue to find better ways of doing things there is 100% chance that we will not get any better than we are today. So in a new outlook on this subject I am enlisting help from good friend, John Patterson, to assist with this post. We are going to reject the notion that people are wrong in how they setup cutting units but take the approach that there are different levels of cutting unit maintenance. In this post we will be discussing the different levels just so people can see that there are ways to get better and step up their game so to speak. We are aware there are many who will not agree, but in the spirit of having something out there that defines some differences here we go: