2024 Innovative Awards – Plan to Submit

SFMA Innovative Awards Program: Celebrating Advancements in Sports Field Management

In recognition of the continuous evolution and progress within the sports field management profession, the SFMA has established the Innovative Awards Program. This initiative aims to honor companies that are at the forefront of driving advancements in technology, science, equipment, products, and services, all of which contribute to the enhancement of sports field management practices.

Eligibility Criteria
Any SFMA Commercial member who will be participating as an exhibitor at the upcoming SFMA Annual Conference and Exhibition is eligible to take part. To be considered, the company must present its product, service, or technology at the Exhibition. Only one submission annually can be submitted.

Qualification Requirements
To qualify, the product, equipment, service, or technology must meet the following criteria:

  1. Introduced for sale between the closing date of the current year’s SFMA show and the closing date of the subsequent year’s SFMA show.
  2. The submission must substantially improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Sports Field Managers, with a focus on creating safer and more playable playing surfaces for athletes.

Application Deadline
Interested companies must submit their applications by October 15th.

Selection Process
A panel of SFMA non-commercial members, representing diverse categories of membership, will assess and judge the entries. Depending on the quality and innovation displayed in any given year, there may be one or more winners. The judges will confer the awards to those companies whose products, services, technologies, or equipment exemplify innovative excellence as defined by the program.

Notification and Recognition
SFMA will honor the deserving winner(s) with the following recognitions:

  • Promotional Logo: A distinctive logo that the company can use in all promotional materials related to the award-winning product or service.
  • Publicity: SFMA will feature the winner(s) in its communication channels, including conference press releases, social media, SportsField Management Magazine and our monthly newsletter, to provide maximum exposure and recognition.
  • Signage: The winner(s) will receive special signage at their booth(s) within the SFMA Exhibition area.
  • Annual Awards Banquet: Verbal and visual recognition during the Annual SFMA Awards Banquet, as well as, a trophy to that will be awarded on the trade show floor.

How to Apply
To participate in the Innovative Awards Program, interested companies should fill out the short online application available here. For any queries or further assistance, applicants can contact Whitney at wwebber@sportsfieldmanagement.org