Novel Lab Tests for Baseball & Softball Infield Mixes

SFMA will be rebroadcasting select presentations from the 2022 Conference. March will feature “Novel Lab Tests for Baseball & Softball Infield Mixes” with Evan Mascitti, Ph.D. Candidate at Penn State University.

Engineered soils have greatly improved the quality of infields. Current specifications revolve around particle-size analysis (PSA). PSA is useful, but it does not directly consider the soil’s behavior. New laboratory tests provide more information by directly measuring a soil’s response to applied loads and to changes in water content. Attendees will learn:

  • The best infield soils are those that remain playable over a wide range of water content.
  • Mechanical behavior and water content should be directly measured when assessing an infield soil.
  • Various clays and infield mixes can behave differently, even when their particle-size distributions are similar.

This content will be available March 15-22 for one week only. Be sure to check SFMA’s website and social media for instructions on how to access.

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