Route to Recovery – Part II

SFMA’s second edition of the Route to Recovery – Healing Through Sports is now available. The guide features articles on the SFMA Playing Conditions Index (PCI), Crisis Sports Field Management, and recent Town Hall meetings. Access the guide here.

SFMA recommends utilizing the Playing Conditions Index (PCI) to assess the playability of your natural grass fields. The data gathered through the instrument will provide excellent insight into the readiness of your fields’ playing surfaces and your athletes return to play post-COVID-19. The instrument addresses the complexities involved in conditioning sports fields for safety, playability and fan enjoyment. Information from the PCI should be shared with administrators, coaches and athletic directors. It will provide a basis for your joint decision-making regarding play.

Crisis Sports Field Management addresses the field maintenance strategies that can be used in a time of reduced budgets and labor restrictions.  Ensuring the field is receiving the appropriate cultural practices, recommendations for site specific management, and challenges associated with increased usage are addressed.

Town Hall meetings have addressed various membership segments to provide information about how sports field managers are successfully reopening their facilities and dealing with the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Parks and Recreation/K-12, Baseball, Agronomic, College/University and Professional/Rectangle Sports have all been featured.  To see what the Town Halls are all about, watch a clip here from the agronomic program.

Part 3 of the Route to Recovery will be available in July with information about field renovation.