Turfgrass Rundown – Have You Considered BlueMuda?

The University of Tennessee Turfgrass program presented Turfgrass Tuesdays throughout the summer and fall. In this episode, Dr. Tom Samples and others will provide a thorough overview of the chemical and cultural management implications of managing BlueMuda on sports fields.

Watch the presentation here.

The SFMA conference will also feature an educational session on Bluemuda. On Tuesday, Feb. 23, Dr. Gregg Munshaw and Brian Winka, CSFM will be presenting “Bluemuda for Beginners.”
Growing grass on athletic fields in the transition zone is extremely difficult. There is no single grass that will thrive at all times of the year. Cool-season grasses struggle during the summer and warm-season grasses are susceptible to winter kill almost every year. Bluemuda is a two-grass concept that gives sports field managers the best of both worlds—a cool-season grass that thrives during the spring and fall, and a warm-season grass that performs well in the warmer times of the year. This presentation will describe the history of Bluemuda, how it works, the major strengths and weaknesses of this concept, and how to implement it on fields across the transition zone.