Updated PCI Now Available

– Tool for Natural Grass and Synthetic Surfaces

With the help of Dr. Brad Fresenburg, SFMA has updated the Playing Conditions Index (PCI) to conduct a Field Performance Study to investigate if it is possible to determine when a field becomes unsafe for athletes.

The PCI is now available in a digital format for both natural grass fields and synthetic turf fields. It is a protected Excel spreadsheet and users can only enter information in the cells that allow entry. The spreadsheet can be saved under different file names by the field manager to maintain records for each field. Not only does the spreadsheet automatically generate a PCI for the field being tested, but it also provides immediate feedback to sports turf managers about areas of the field that need attention if unsafe conditions are present. The digital format allows the spreadsheet to be used as many times as needed to maintain records for all fields.

Over the course of time, SFMA hopes to develop a database that will help bring us closer to making informed decisions about when fields become unsafe by identifying trends with field usage. Once you collect field data using the spreadsheet, please send the results to kalthouse@stma.org. The spreadsheet can be used as many times as necessary and may act as a recordkeeping tool for your fields. Please send your results any time you enter data to help us further the mission of keeping fields safe and playable for our athletes.

Access the updated PCI spreadsheets here.