“We Care A Lot About Our Fields”

“Caring and consistency are the secrets to producing fields worthy of Field of the Year,” says Frank Falls, CSFM, who is with the Clover School District (CSD) in Clover, SC. During the past several years, the team at CSD has won Field of the Year in baseball, football and softball.

“We are consistent in our maintenance practices, but even more so we love what we do, and it shows. Each member of our field management team has different talents, and we play to those strengths,” says Falls. Their team camaraderie also contributes. “We genuinely like each other and that makes communication easy. We talk all the time, even when we are away from work.”

The SFMA Field of the Year Program submittal deadline is approaching. Take some time before the Oct. 15 closing date to submit for an award that showcases your passion for the profession.

Follow the steps outlined in our new easy-to-use software. You can go in and out of the software program, making changes and including new information at any time.

SFMA Field of the Year Program awards honors to those fields that have utilized resources effectively, used innovative solutions to solve problems and have solid maintenance practices. The sports fields that are eligible include baseball, football, soccer, softball and sporting grounds (any non-mainstream sport such as lacrosse, rugby) and awards are given in three categories: professional, college and university and schools/parks. For helpful hints to a winning submittal (in addition to Falls’ criteria for success), click here.