Will $52K a year fix a town’s poor fields?

An annual maintenance plan making all town athletic fields safer for those using them would cost approximately $52,000, an expert told town officials and sports program representatives Monday at a Diamond Hill Park meeting, according to a report in The Valley Breeze.

Cumberland (RI) is struggling badly to stay ahead of its overused fields, and the town needs a comprehensive approach to keep them in shape, said Scott Mackintosh, co-owner of Atlantic Golf and Turf. Mackintosh, who has a master’s degree in turfgrass science, presented his findings at a meeting in the park’s ski lodge. Town officials commissioned Mackintosh to study local fields and come up with recommendations on how they can be better maintained on an annual basis.

His findings? Local fields, covering some 34 acres, are lacking the essential care and nutrients they need to stay in good shape. One thing Cumberland has going for it, due in part to its rich farming history, is the quality of its soil, said Mackintosh. A consistent approach to maintaining the fields would bring them to a condition the town could be proud of within three years.

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